Acrylic computer Mod | not for sale
Processor: Intel P4, 3.2 Ghz, 1mb L2 Cache, HT, 800Mhz FSB. (overclocked to 3.52ghz)
Motherboard: Asus P4P800S-X - 800mhz FSB
Video Card: Nvidia Gforce FX 5500, 256mb, AGP 8x, 3d graphics (overcocked).
Memory: 2x 512mb, Kingston PC3200, 400mhz. A total of 1GB memory.
Hard Drives:2x 160gb SATA Hitachi Deskstar, 7200 rpm. Kick ass drives.
Power Supply: 500 watt with variable speed fan.
Case: Acrylic Tower with custom paint job
CPU Cooler: Thermaltake Silent Tower
It is very fast and optimized for speed. It has a basic load of Windows XP Pro (SP2 and all current patches), Antivirus, malware checker and all the drivers for the hardware.

This computer does not have a floppy drive or a cd/dvd drive. The CPU is overclocked 10%. It is running very stable and the new thermaltake CPU cooler dropped the CPU temp from 131/157 F (idle/stress) to 120/142. Nice!

This computer has some customization but I was focused on making a stable system with all new technologies; no Floppy, no IDE only SATA, AGP 8x, with a couple of bells and whistles like lights and an overclocked CPU and GPU.
You can see thorough it! It has a clear case. All new hardware, no recycled parts. It is ready for your own personalization! Start with a stable system and take the mod over the top with your own style. I suggest an external optical drive as this system has none.
I started with an aftermarket CPU cooler "Aeroflow2"which had pretty medicore cooling capabilities and it was louder than hell.

The photo on top shows the Aeroflow2 cooler and the others show the new Thermaltake cooler, which BTW works much better and is extremely quiet.

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